Vremi Colorful Nonstick Ceramic Die Cast Aluminum 3-Piece Cookware Set

This cookware set is perfect for those looking for combination qualities such as long-lasting and good looking. It has a colorful and stylish modern appearance that will look great in any contemporary kitchen. Thanks to the heavy-duty die-cast aluminum construction, this cookware is sturdy, durable, and provides excellent heat retention and distribution. Another notable fact about this Vremi’s Colorful three-piece cookware set is that it is free from PFOA, PTFE and lead. Due to the absence of these harmful properties, you do not have to worry about toxic residues and deposits when heated. 

Design & Color

This Vremi’s set has a unique shape and color combination. It comes in three different colors – blue, green and pink. The vintage-inspired look sets it apart from other cookware sets in terms of looks.


As for the construction, the cookware set is made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum that lasts many years. The material choice also makes the collection highly versatile, with the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures. You would not find any warping after prolonged use. 


As mentioned earlier, the set is very safe. It is free from PFOA, PTFE, and Lead, which means no toxic residue is left when heated. 

What’s in the Set

The 3-piece set comprises a 7.08-inch lidded casserole dish, 9.44-inch lidded saucepan, and 11.02-inch lidded casserole dish. You can use the smaller casserole dish for roasting and the larger one for stews, soup, or family-sized meals. The lidded saucepan is excellent for heating soups, cooking vegetables or sauces. 


Now, let’s look at some of the main advantages :

  • Stylish, modern look and unique vintage-inspired look
  • Made from top quality materials so durable and safe
  • Optimal heat retention and distribution
  • Very safe – free from PTFE, PFOA, and lead (very safe to use)


These are things that we wished could be better:

  • It cannot be used in microwave or induction cooktops
  • The handle can get hot 
  • A limited number (only 3) in the set


Overall, we think that the Vremi’s 3-piece set more than makes up for the price with its quality and design. The material is high-grade die-cast aluminum, which is knowns to provide excellent heat retention and heat distribution. The inability to be used n microwave and induction cooktops might turn some people off, but we still think this cookware sets to be a great option to be considered. 

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