An In-Depth Review of Red Copper Pans & Cookware

We all love to cook and find cooking to be a creative outlet. When it comes time to make a purchase, we often feel overwhelmed with the number of options available on the market. This is especially true when you are looking for pots and pans. With so many brands and models flooding the market, how do you know what’s best? You need an in-depth review that goes beyond the online marketing hype! That’s why we’re here today; I will provide you with everything that you need to know about the red copper pan & cookware before making your decision.

What is Red Copper Pan?

Red Copper 12'' Round Pan

Red copper pan became very popular thanks to infomercials and celebrity endorsements. The cookware is made from pure, high-quality Copper, an aluminum ring for even heat dispersal, and ceramic coating on the inside to provide a non-stick cooking surface for healthier food preparation without using any oils or butter. 

This copper pan is a healthier alternative for cooking, as it doesn’t require any oils or butter to cook food. This means you can use less oil and still have your meal turn out just right. In our experience, the pan does an excellent job of cooking without requiring any additional fats like olive oil or butter; in fact, we found there is no need at all for most of the time. 

This copper pan retains the heat well because Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. The aluminum ring at the bottom helps to disperse the heat evenly. This combination allows you to cook everything at optimum levels. It is also said to cook food faster than other types of pans, and the ceramic coating on its surface prevents any type or amount from sticking, so you can easily clean up afterward. 

The company claims this product will last for a lifetime with proper care like hand-washing and not using metal utensils.

Is Red Copper Pan safe to use?

The coating on the pan is made of ceramic. Ceramic is a material that’s been used in non-stick surfaces for years, and it’s much safer than Teflon because it won’t leach into your food. The non-stick Ceramic surface coating is also PFOA-free & PTFE-free, which are toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

There is a perceived fear of using copper cookware because of the rumor that it will react with acidic foods and release copper ions. This is not true. As long you cook in a food-grade metal pan or use any non-stick coating such as ceramic, metal such as Copper WILL not interact chemically with acidic foods. 

So, rest assured that the use of Copper here in this product will not cause any health problems because it does have a protective layer that prevents contact with food and water while cooking or washing. Furthermore, Copper can only be dangerous if consumed in large quantities, which will never be the case with regular use. According to the American Chemical Society, Copper is considered safe for cooking because it does not leech into food.

Bulbhead, the company behind the red copper cookware, also stated that they are confident about their product’s safety standards & high-quality production. If you’re unhappy for ANY reason at all within 30 days from the purchase date – return to them no questions asked (and get a 100% refund).

Does it work as claimed?

Lets’ look at how the red copper pan performs in the kitchen:

The pan is made of high-quality Copper and has a non-stick coating that makes cooking effortless, especially when it comes to cleaning up afterward. The pan can withstand high temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can use it on the stovetop and in an oven. 

You also don’t have to worry about burning your food or trying to achieve precise temperature control because they are both achievable using this pan. Copper is known to provide excellent heat conductivity. 

The pan is also versatile in its use as one could easily transition from the stovetop into the oven without any problems (it has stainless steel handle, not plastic). This means you have more options for preparing meals on busy days where your time may be limited, but creativity isn’t. 

For example, if you’re in a hurry to get dinner on the table but want something that requires oven time (such as an eggplant parmesan). In this case, all it would take is about five minutes of stovetop cooking before transferring everything into your preheated 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes more.


The pan is well built, and you can say by looking at it that it is durable. We could say that based on the material of the pan and the way it is constructed. The pan is thick, and the handles are solid metal. It is not made of cheap materials that will easily break, and you can use it on different surfaces, such as an induction cooktop or a gas top stove, without any problems.

The pan is made of Copper, and it could withstand the heat and does not warp. It is built to last even with high temperatures/high duty cycles for prolonged periods.

One of its drawbacks is that the pan does scratch if you metal utensils. However, if we treat it just like any other non-stick pan, it will perform as claimed.

The other thing we could say about its durability comes from where this product has been used for many years by professionals in restaurants. So one would assume they have done their research on what materials are more durable than others when cooking with large quantities to serve many customers at once.

Maintenance & Caring of the Red Copper Pan

The red copper skillet will last provided proper care is taken – such as cleaning after use or hand washing in warm water or soapy water. No hard scrubbing is needed. This pan will perform well and last long if not mistreated or exposed to the elements (i,e put outdoors). Also, ensure that you are using wooden or plastic utensils which are ceramic coating friendly. 

Here’s how to wash the pan properly:

The skillet should be cleaned after each use to avoid a build-up of food. It can also last if it is hand-washed in warm water, without soap, and then air-dried or wiped with paper towels or a soft cloth before storing for next cooking. 

Seasoning is recommended before first use and once every six months. Season the skillet with a thin layer of cooking oil and medium heat in the oven or a stovetop to create an evenly-coated non-stick surface. Then store it as usual. This simple process helps maintain the skillet’s natural non-stick surface for a long time and maintains its life and performance. 

Red Copper Cookware Product Range

The red copper pan isn’t the only item in their product range. The red copper cookware ranges from small to large pans, saucepans, stockpots, and many unique items such as pizza ovens, including the 24-inch Gourmet Pizza Oven with Rotating Stone.

You could buy the whole set or individual pieces in a variety of sizes and uses. In this section, we picked only a few of the most popular items to review.

Red Copper 10-Piece Non-Stick Copper-Infused Ceramic Cookware Set

Red Copper 10 PC Copper-Infused Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

This 10-piece set is the most popular of their range. It includes all the essentials you need in the kitchen to cook a wide range of food:

8″ fry pan, 10″ fry pan with lid, 1.5-quart sauce pot with lid, 2.5-quart sauce pot with lid, 6-quart sauce pot with lid, and an aluminum steamer insert that attaches to the 2.5-quart sauce pot.

This cookware set is great for the average household use. and comes with a full warranty. 

Red Copper™ 9.5-Inch Square Dance Pan

Red Copper™ 9.5-Inch Square Dance Pan

This pan is one of their best-selling standalone pieces and is square as the name implied. It’s perfect for cooking one-pan meals such as tacos, pizza, or lasagna and a great option if you’re looking to replace the tired old frying pan with something more modern.

What’s great about this square pan is that it can fit more food than the traditional round pans. Yet it only weighs a light 1.6lbs (versus the conventional 2+ pounds), which makes for easier handling when cleaning or transporting to another location such as your outdoor kitchen. This model also has an easy-grip silicone handle with a helper handle for easy lifting. Just like the other red copper products, the pan is oven-safe.

Red Copper 10 & 12 Inch Round Pan

Red Copper 10'' Round Pan

These 10″ ceramic copper-infused fry pans are the perfect choice for preparing food just right every time. This will be your go-to pan for everyday cooking. With this pan, you can quickly fry, scramble, sauté and brown any food. The classic round shape is perfect for frying an egg with less oil and get the perfect golden-brown crust.

If you prefer a larger pan, get the 12-inch version which allows you to make a larger batch of eggs or cook more at one time.

Red Copper Flipwich by Bulbhead

Red Copper Flipwich

The Red Copper Flipwich makes grilling and flipping sandwiches fun and simple. You could also make panini, wraps, waffle,s or even stuffed french toast with this versatile kitchen gadget.

This kitchen tool is made of quality materials, and it works well with any type or size sandwich, as long as it is on buns! It also has a non-stick double coating that makes for easy cleanup afterward, too, so you can enjoy your delicious sandwiches again the next day without having to worry about making another meal.

The Red Copper Flipwich is designed to fit any size bread and cook on both sides simultaneously, so you can have your sandwich ready faster than ever before! It has a large surface area that will allow for more melted cheese when cooking sandwiches, and it the best grilled cheese sandwich we tried in a long time.

The Flipwich is very durable, so you can take this anywhere without worrying about breaking or damaging any part because all parts are replaceable. Cleaning The Flipwich is a breeze. To clean the unit, you can use a damp cloth, put it in the dishwasher or even boil water with soap and then scrub off any grease built up.

Red Copper Pan vs. Gotham Steel Pan. Which is better?

Between both pans, the Red Copper Pan is a better option because it has a flatter bottom and better handling. Price-wise, the red copper pan is a more affordable option.

The feature comparison table below further compares both pans. We will add Copper Chef’s feature comparison soon. 

Summary of Benefits and Drawbacks


  • non-stick surface works as claimed
  • great for healthy cooking
  • cleaning is effortless
  • precise temperature control – no food burning
  • excellent heat distribution, so food cooks fast
  • free of harmful chemicals such as PFOA & PTFE
  • versatile use on stovetops, induction cooktops, or oven
  • cooks a wide variety of food & suitable for all cooking methods. 


  • require proper care; otherwise will scratch the ceramic surface coating
  • require seasoning every six months to maintain its non-stick properties
  • pricey


Overall, the red copper pots and pans are a great addition to your kitchen, and we recommend them. Cooking with the pan is easy and cleaning it up is even easier. Foods turn up great thanks to their non-stick property and precise temperature control. 

We also like its simple and practical design, such as the ergonomic handle that stays cool and the sloped sides that allow for easy pouring.

The con is that the copper pan can be a little pricey but with all of its benefits. It is still affordable as compared to other similar pans. It’s worth every penny. Our parting advice for anyone considering buying this is to follow the instructions and maintain it properly for better durability. 


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