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Match the theme of your kitchen perfectly by shopping for your cookware by color. Below is a chart of brands and materials with different... Cookware Comparison | Shop by Color

Match the theme of your kitchen perfectly by shopping for your cookware by color. Below is a chart of brands and materials with different specs that are grouped together by their color. Have at it, and hook your kitchen up with the perfect cookware set to coincide with your kitchen’s décor!

BEIGELa CuisineLa Cuisine 4 Piece Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven Set4enamel, cast-iron
BEIGENeoflamNeoflam Eela Cast Aluminum 7 Piece Set7aluminum
BEIGEPaula DeenPaula Deen Signature Nonstick 15-Piece Porcelain Cookware Set15ceramic, nonstick
BLACKAll-CladEmeril by All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Cookware Set, 12-Piece12hard anodized, nonstick
BLACKLa CuisineLa Cuisine 4 Piece Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven Set4enamel, cast-iron
BLACKAmazonBasicsAmazonBasics 8-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set8nonstick
BLACKCalphalonSimply Calphalon Enamel 14 Piece Set14enamel
BLACKCirculonSymmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Set11hard anodized, nonstick
BLACKCook N HomeNon Stick 10 Piece Cookware Set10aluminum, nonstick
BLACKCuisinartAdvantage Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Set11aluminum, nonstick
BLACKFarberwareMillennium Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set12aluminum, nonstick
BLACKGreenPanGreenLife 14 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set with Soft Grip14ceramic, nonstick
BLACKPaula DeenSavannah 17 Piece Cookware Set17aluminum, nonstick
BLACKPaula DeenSignature 11 Piece Cookware Set11aluminum, nonstick
BLACKSunbeamSunbeam Armington 7-Piece Cookware Set7nonstick
BLACKT-falInitiatives Ceramic 14 Piece Cookware Set14ceramic, nonstick
BLACKT-falProfessional Stainless Steel 10 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set12nonstick
BLACKVinaroz CookwareVinaroz Cookware7ceramic, nonstick
BLACKWearEverPure Living 10 Piece Cookware Set10ceramic, nonstick
BLUEFarberware12ceramic, nonstick
BLUELa CuisineLa Cuisine 4 Piece Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven Set4enamel, cast-iron
BLUEMagma Products, Inc.10stainless steel, ceramic, nonstick
BLUEPaula Deen17aluminum, nonstick
BLUEPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
BLUEPaula Deen11aluminum, nonstick
BLUEPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
BLUERachael Ray12enamel, nonstick
BLUERachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
BLUET-fal14aluminum, nonstick
BROWNCirculon11hard anodized, nonstick
BROWNFarberware12aluminum, nonstick
BROWNGreenPan10ceramic, nonstick
BROWNPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
BROWNPaula Deen11aluminum, nonstick
BROWNRachael Ray12enamel, nonstick, ceramic
BROWNT-fal14ceramic, nonstick
BROWNT-fal14aluminum, nonstick
COLOREDCook N Home6ceramic, nonstick
COLOREDEcolution6aluminum, nonstick
COLOREDHappycall10hard anodized, nonstick, ceramic
GRAYCooks Standard8hard anodized
GRAYFarberware12ceramic, nonstick
GRAYGreenPan12hard anodized, nonstick
GRAYPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
GRAYRachael Ray12hard anodized, nonstick
GRAYT-fal15hard anodized, nonstick
GREENBergHOFF5enamel, cast-iron
GREENCook N Home10ceramic, nonstick
GREENCook N Home10aluminum, nonstick
GREENGreenPan10ceramic, nonstick
GREENHome Basics7enamel, ceramic
GREENLa Cuisine4enamel, cast-iron
GREENLe Creuset5enamel, cast-iron
GREENOrgreenic10aluminum, ceramic, nonstick
GREENPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
GREENPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
GREENRachael Ray12enamel, nonstick
GREENRachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
GREENRachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
GREENT-fal14aluminum, nonstick
ORANGEBergHOFF5enamel, cast-iron
ORANGEGreenPan10ceramic, nonstick
ORANGEKhome14aluminum, nonstick
ORANGELe Creuset6enamel, cast-iron
ORANGEPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
ORANGERachael Ray12enamel, nonstick
ORANGERachael Ray12enamel, nonstick, ceramic
ORANGERachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
ORANGESimplemente Delicioso7aluminum, nonstick
PINKPensofal12ceramic, nonstick
PINKSunCitySunCity Nonstick 5-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set5aluminum, nonstick
PINKT-fal14aluminum, nonstick
PURPLEBergHOFF5enamel, cast-iron
PURPLEFarberware12aluminum, nonstick
PURPLEFarberware12ceramic, nonstick
PURPLEPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
PURPLEPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
PURPLERachael Ray12enamel, nonstick, ceramic
PURPLERachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
PURPLET-fal14aluminum, nonstick
REDBergHOFF5enamel, cast-iron
REDCirculon12aluminum, nonstick
REDCook N Home10ceramic, nonstick
REDCook N Home10aluminum, nonstick
REDCuisinart11aluminum, nonstick
REDFarberware12aluminum, nonstick
REDFarberware12aluminum, nonstick
REDGreenPan14ceramic, nonstick
REDLa Cuisine4enamel, cast-iron
REDLe Creuset6enamel, cast-iron
REDLe Creuset5enamel, cast-iron
REDPaula Deen17aluminum, nonstick
REDPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
REDPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
REDPaula Deen11aluminum, nonstick
REDPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
REDRachael Ray12enamel, nonstick
REDRachael Ray12enamel, nonstick, ceramic
REDRachael Ray10enamel, nonstick
REDSilverstone13aluminum, nonstick
REDSilverStone12ceramic, nonstick
REDT-fal14aluminum, nonstick
REDVinaroz Cookware7ceramic, nonstick
REDWearEver10ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISEBergHOFF5enamel, cast-iron
TURQUOISEFarberware12ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISEGreenPan14ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISELe Creuset6enamel, cast-iron
TURQUOISENeoflam6aluminum, ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISEPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISEPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
TURQUOISERachael Ray12enamel, nonstick, ceramic
TURQUOISESilverStone12ceramic, nonstick
TURQUOISESimplemente Delicioso7aluminum, nonstick
TURQUOISEVinaroz Cookware7ceramic, nonstick
WHITEBergHOFF8aluminum, ceramic, nonstick
WHITEBerndes10aluminum, ceramic
WHITECuisinart10stainless steel
WHITELa Cuisine4enamel, cast-iron
WHITEPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
YELLOWHome Basics7enamel, ceramic
YELLOWPaula Deen15ceramic, nonstick
YELLOWPorSteel7enamel, nonstick, ceramic
YELLOWSilverStone12ceramic, nonstick
YELLOWVinaroz Cookware7ceramic, nonstick